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     Photography Workshop

For the Back To Basics Manual Film Camera Field Day:

(Classic film camera for each student will be provided by the instructor.)

Bring a note pad and pen/pencil for taking notes.  Bring some cash to buy yourself a drink when we first meet for the indoor camera orientation.  Bring cash to pay for your share of the group lunch.  Bring cash to buy a couple or few rolls of film for the afternoon session.  Bring cash for drink(s) during final Q&A session at 5pm.  Estimate for total cash expended during the day is approximately HKD500 (morning drink + lunch + afternoon films + final afternoon drink).

For the Comprehensive Photography Workshop:

Film camera users:  Your camera with fresh batteries.  A pen for writing your own notes on the handout materials.  Bring four rolls of Fuji Sensia 100 and two rolls of Fuji Provia 400F.  These are "slide films" and can be bought at Photo Scientific at No. 6 Stanley Street, Central.  Ask for Mr. Poon.  You can buy the Fuji Sensia 100 at many "Fotomax" stores, but not the Fuji Provia 400F.  Photo Scientific in Stanley Street, Central has the best range of film in stock. Bring the user manual for your camera.  For the field trip, bring a pocket note pad and pen for taking notes about the camera settings that you used for each photo.  Bring the user manual for your camera.

Digital camera users:  Your camera with a fully charged battery.  A spare battery is highly recommended.  A pen for writing your own notes on the handout materials.  Make sure there is plenty of remaining space in your memory card, enough for at least three hundred photos.  Bring the user manual for your camera.

For the field trip:  Bring insect repellant.  There are mosquitoes and other biting insects in the Botanical Gardens and in Hong Kong Park.   Bring sunscreen.  We will be outdoors for several hours during the field trip.  If you are sensitive to the sun, please wear UV-blocking sunscreen.  A hat is also recommended.  If rain is forecast or looks imminent, bring an umbrella.


For advice on where to buy cameras, lenses, accessories, film, etc., see my new "Photography Help Pages" web site:



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