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     Photography Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In what language are the courses conducted?

A. English

Q. How big are the classes?

A.  Typically between eight and ten students.  I limit the number to ten so I can give enough personal attention to each student.  If you see "SOLD OUT" against a workshop date on the SCHEDULES page, it means that ten students have already confirmed their enrollment.  I do keep a waitlist for each class.  Sometimes people do have to postpone their attendance at the last minute, and that opens up a place for someone on the waitlist.

Q. Is a film camera okay, or do I need a digital camera?

A. For the Comprehensive Photography Workshop, a film camera is fine.  So is a digital camera.  The basics of good photography apply equally well to both film and digital cameras.

Q. What kind of camera is best for the workshop?

A. For the Comprehensive Photography Workshop, any camera that allows some degree of manual control over the aperture and shutter is fine.  Look at the mode dial on top of the camera, and check to see that there are "P A S M" settings or "P A T M" settings.  These are the common exposure modes available on most good cameras.  If there is only a green rectangle or green camera symbol, and no "P A S M" or "P A T M", then the camera probably has no manual controls and is therefore not ideal for learning photography.

Q. What do we do for lunch during the classes at the studio?

A. We'll walk to a nearby cafe that serves western food (gourmet sandwiches, pasta and salads).  You can order and pay for your lunch separately.  Vegetarian options are available.


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